Here's what our valued clients have to say about using PASKR.

“The system will streamline your efforts, reduce errors, may help you reduce or redirect staffing. The more you use the system the better you get and the greater you benefit. Best tech support I have ever experienced, with any software from any company, ever.”

Mike B.GL Bruno Associates, Inc.

“PASKR Sub Billing saves a lot of time and headaches for us. It is one of the most valuable features in PASKR. It can save over 2 weeks in the process. We also love PASKR RFIs. It makes it so easy to keep everyone in the loop on the project.”

Joe G. 3D Contracting

“Your Chat support is very responsive and helpful.”

Dave R.Rosacker & Associates

“PASKR reduces the heap of paper I used to push across my desk.”

Sandy B. - AccountingSouthLand

“We saved real dollars and reduced risk because of PASKR.”

Brad E.Flow Construction Company