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PASKR brings the construction process together

a single place for Pre-construction, Project Management, Field Productivity, & Financials -
helping everyone save time and build better

  • Manage Customer & Industry Contacts

  • Company level tracking

  • Assign trades to your contacts to make bid invitations a breeze

  • Play favorites - star and favorite your go-to subcontractors to make bid invites even easier.

  • Rate your subcontractors to know who to never work with again.

  • Manage your deal pipeline with our future work feature

  • Segment and filter your contractors based on location, rating, trade, and licenses

  • Never loose a contacts phone number, address, or role again

  • Attach license and insurance documments associated with your subcontractors to their profile

  • Upload plans, specs, photo's, or addenda to your digital Plan room, with version control!

  • Template your bids - use one of our standard templates or create your own to supercharge your bidding workflow.

  • Save and re-use bid day notes

  • Alternates, Units, Phases, Nested Assemblies come with!

  • 16 or 48 division set support

  • Create a detailed scope of work

  • Effortlessly send thousands of bid invitations.

  • Report on who's viewed your planroom, who intends to bid, and one click select pricing back into your bid.

  • Create, digitally send, and sign an owner propsal with one click!

  • Select, negotiate, and buy out your subcontractors.

  • Automatically create your subcontracts using AIA or Consensus Docs.

  • Create gantt chart schedules that auto link to the superintendents daily log

  • Create and manage any owner, subcontractor, or internal change orders

  • Cut down on response time by tracking and managing all your Request For Information in one system.

  • Easily manage and distribute submittal packages and items.

  • Effortlessly create and distribute meeting agendas, meeting minutes, and track issues.

  • Manage your projects transmittals.

  • Manage any Request For Pricing your project may have.

  • Seemlessly snap a photo of and track your projects punch list for closeout.

  • Empower your super with real time documents in the field.

  • Seamlessly link schedule milestones to the Daily Log.

  • Keep track of the field teams with timecards.

  • Upload photos, punch lists, RFI's, etc. right from the field.

  • Keep track of all the punch list items.

  • Organize and keep track of all field expenses and purchase orders.

  • Understand your company's project portfolio.

  • Monitor your company's pipeline

  • Spot issues before they rise.

  • Gain insights into your projects.

  • Monitor your profit and loss in aggregate and by job.

  • Track the number of outstanding tasks by team member.

  • Monitor your bid to contract win / loss rate.

  • Keep track of the weather across your projects job sites.

  • Monitor job costs such as purchase orders and expenses across the enterprise or by project.

  • Streamlined owner billing right to AIA or Consensus Docs.

  • Process driven subcontractor billing, schedule of values, and pay appications. Never get over or under billed again.

Streamline your back office with accounting integrations

Unite the Project Management Office & Accounting departments by breaking down silos

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Connect PASKR with your accounting system

PASKR integrates with the top construction accounting systems. Spend less time arguing over expected budgets vs. actuals and more time focusing on building.

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