Conseco chooses PASKR over other softwares for 14 years.

PASKR is so grateful for Conseco’s dedication to truly integrating PASKR into their company’s day to day procedures for over 14 years.

Phil Pace, owner of The Conseco Group states

Before PASKR, we were using paper, spreadsheets, and 5 different programs each with different logins. I was not comfortable with that because I like things clean and organized. Compared to other softwares, PASKR provided a true process for us to scale and a platform that kept our entire business in one place. Plus, PASKR seems to just have personality. We’ve spent a lot of money trying to run our business better over the years and we’ve never had personal relationships with those vendors. With PASKR, we have a partner and a personal connection.

Phil PaceOwner of The Conseco Group

Pat Whelan, Owner & Founder of PASKR says “Phil with Conseco put in the time and effort into PASKR, and in return, PASKR has saved his company countless man hours and hundreds of thousands of dollars.”

What is PASKR?

A cloud based software for Pre-construction, Project Management, Field Productivity, & Financials, helping everyone save time and build better. The best all-in-one construction management software that includes everything needed to run complex commercial construction projects.
Who is Conseco Group?

Founded in 1987, Conseco Group was built on the desire to make what seems impossible possible for their clients. They pride themselves on not only delivering on what their clients want but exceeding those expectations and bringing their vision into reality.

They specialize in Pre-Construction Consulting, Construction Management, Design-Build, and Renovations & Improvements. Conseco has completed over 2000 projects with PASKR.

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