Is It Time to Replace Your Construction Management Software?

Like all technology, construction management software (CMS) isn’t built to last forever. At some point, new innovations designed to offer better functionality and allow for more productivity will replace the old. It’s just a matter of recognizing when your company needs to replace existing tools.



How does an organization know when it’s time to replace their trusty CMS? Here are 4 signs that show when you’re ready for an upgrade:

1. Maintenance is becoming a constant concern

Have you noticed your staff calling your IT team or contacting your provider’s customer service more often than usual? While questions and concerns are fairly normal, if the frequency of these maintenance calls are starting to affect productivity in the workplace, it might make more sense to just upgrade your CMS. Especially when only 42% of construction managers have a dedicated IT staff they can depend on?

Consider the following factors — how much are you spending to maintain your software? How many times have you contacted customer support or IT support to get something fixed? How much money have you lost because your CMS didn’t work properly? And what is the long-term cost of upgrading your system versus the upkeep needed to make sure your current system functions properly?

A big warning sign for any business is when operations are becoming increasingly inefficient, costly and time-consuming. With a lot of processes aided by technology, this should now be seamless. Choosing to upgrade your CMS can easily address this.

2. End-users complain about it

When it comes to work-related tools, end-users — in this case, your employees — demand a certain level of efficiency and reliability. After all, employees depend on CMS to ensure that they are able to do their jobs with better accuracy. They also rely on it to do their work with more efficiency.

If end-users are constantly complaining about a less than efficient CMS experience, then the tool isn’t doing its job. Typical complaints include the software slowing everything down, the system delivering the wrong results, and difficulty using the software.

The best way to assess this is by asking your employees what exactly is the problem they are experiencing. If it’s something that goes beyond basic troubleshooting, it’s time to replace your CMS altogether and look for a better solution.

3. The current system is unable to keep up with the pace of mobility

Mobility is one of the biggest trends in business today that is changing the way people and companies work. Work-from-home programs, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), and increasing remote working opportunities demand businesses to support mobile features that do not compromise productivity.

The latest CMS platforms are already built with a strong focus on mobility, which old systems may not necessarily have. To that end, if you find that your current CMS is struggling to keep up with your demand for mobility, it might be time to explore better and newer options.

4. Your CMS isn’t growing with your business

If your business is growing, it goes without saying that the tools you rely on to get the job done should too.

Your CMS for example, should be easily scaled depending on how many employees you currently have, and plan on adding. Key functionalities should be able to accommodate a sudden influx of accounts to manage or monitor.

Keep in mind, the more your business grows, the more people are involved and the more complex data you will have to handle. If you find that you’re using a lot of different tools and platforms because your CMS can’t handle the workload, it’s time for a new system.

For any business, maintaining efficiency is important. In fact, according to a project management software report by GetApp Lab, “two-thirds of project managers (66 percent) are open to switching project management software within the next year.” Ensuring that you’re using a CMS capable of handling your business needs means you’re getting the best return on investment and is critical for ensuring your team’s productivity.

If you think your construction firm needs to upgrade its current CMS and want to know how PASKR can help, contact us today.

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