5 Ways You Can Help Your Team Adopt New Technology Faster

Technology can do a lot to help businesses become more efficient and productive. Take construction management software (CMS) for example — it can offer transparency, ensure access, streamline communication, and facilitate better tracking and monitoring.

A KPMG survey notes however that not only is construction an industry that has yet to fully embrace technology, but there’s also a lot of room for improvement, especially in project management.

For a lot of businesses, this can be attributed to the fact that learning new technology can be difficult. Often, teams who are used to doing business the traditional way are reluctant to explore new technology as they find it challenging and confusing.

To help make the transition easier, follow the tips below to help your team adopt new technology faster:

1. Leverage on familiarity

New technology can be daunting. On the other hand, a good CMS is designed to be intuitive and user-friendly, usually taking its cue from platforms that are already commonly used in the workplace.

Find a CMS platform that highlights easy to use features and offers smooth integration with familiar tools. New technology might prove to be less intimidating if employees know they can use it with computers, tablets, smartphones, and other tools they currently have. In addition, if it’s a software that can integrate familiar office programs like Word or Excel — or at least features with a very similar interface — the prospect of learning it would be less overwhelming.

2. Build a compelling reason for adoption

Provide your team not just with a big picture overview of key benefits but also tangible advantages for individual employees.

The perks of implementing a CMS, for example, is obvious when you consider how it will contribute to productivity, organization, and efficiency in the long run. But how will it help employees get the job done faster and easier now?

Point out specific details about the software such as its ability to track and monitor data accurately, or how it can provide access to important information and documents 24/7. Highlight features that will support their option to work from home or elsewhere.

3. Tailor training according to your employee’s needs

It’s certainly easier to host a single training session where you address everyone. However, keep in mind that most offices today employ multigenerational individuals, from Baby to Gen Xers to Millennials. Each one could require a different approach.

Younger team members might appreciate online training, while older members might need more support and instruction. Take the time to consider this when planning training programs for your team.

4. Get early adopters on board

Within your organization, there will be staff who will be reluctant to try new technology. However, you would also find employees who show eagerness and interest. Get them on your side.

It’s to your advantage to have fellow colleagues help explain and train new technology instead of simply relying on manuals or mass training. Early adopters are motivated to adapt quickly and can more easily demonstrate how to use the CMS in the most relatable way possible.

5. Make it routine

You’ve already decided to introduce new technology, so make sure that you use it. Ensure that your team is gradually, but steadily, transitioning from traditional processes to those using CMS.

Start with something simple such as requesting a copy of the tracking data that the CMS can easily generate. Another option would be to ask teams to make the most out of available CMS features such as streamlined communication platforms and centralized data storage.

Once employees familiarize themselves with how CMS works, they will see first hand the positive impact new technology can have on their work and performance. This is why it’s essential that you choose a CMS platform that’s easy to use.

If you have experience using CMS and want to share more insight into how to get businesses to adopt technology faster, feel free to comment below.

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