5 Ways to Improve Team Building and Collaboration on the Construction Site

Good collaboration is paramount to the success of any construction project.




According to a study, employees who were “primed to act collaboratively stuck at their task 64% longer than their solitary peers.”

However, remember that collaboration is hinged on how well your entire team works together. This means you need to dedicate time to build teamwork and camaraderie among the field team, architects, engineers, administrative teams, and other key stakeholders.

With this in mind, how can you effectively and efficiently bring people together to collaborate as a team and ensure the success of your project? Here are five ways —

1. Share project goals

Every member of your team should understand the main objective of the project. This will help them see the bigger picture and provide a clearer direction for all their efforts. When your team knows exactly what they’re working towards, it helps create a collective sense of purpose and accomplishment. It also opens up an opportunity for team members to share ideas and techniques on how to complete the project in the most efficient way possible.

2. Establish trust between team members

The value of team trust cannot be overstated. Team members have to learn to trust and respect each other to successfully collaborate. Understanding team dynamics and learning about each one’s strength can help improve team relationships. A wide range of activities can help facilitate this. Even something as simple as giving them time to actually sit down and work with each other, and ensuring they don’t work in silos, can help build teamwork.

3. Define clear responsibilities

In any project, different individuals are assigned different responsibilities. It is essential to clarify what each one is responsible for so that individual team members understand each other’s tasks in relation to their own and how it plays into the success of a project. When you identify how the roles relate to one another, you collectively define accountability for the overall success of the project.

4. Create a culture of transparency and open communication

Allowing your team to function as one cohesive unit means you have to empower them with the tools that will support this. Transparency in their tasks and the ability to easily communicate is critical. One of the easiest ways to achieve this is by using a construction management software (CMS).

A CMS is a proven and effective way to achieve these objectives. It can help improve teamwork within your organization through real-time updates, centralized documentation, 24/7 access to data and information, and streamlined communication options. This is especially useful to ensure good collaboration among geographically diverse teams, which is usually the case for construction teams.

5. Review progress regularly

Don’t get lost in the tedium of day to day operations. Once your goals have been set, and you have identified a vision that you can work towards, it’s important to conduct regular reviews to track your progress. This helps identify milestones and appropriately manage risk as a team or give due recognition for team effort.

Building teamwork between construction teams is critical in order to successfully complete complex projects. Having the right attitude and tools is key. Contact PASKR today to find out how our platform can help.

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