5 Features to Look for When Choosing a Construction Management Software

In construction, you deal with a lot of details. At any given time, you’re supposed to stay on top of everyone’s schedule, track change orders, manage resources and equipment, maintain budgets, pursue permits and documentation, seek approvals, and look out for your team members. All of this needs to be managed simultaneously.



Businesses have realized that construction management software (CMS) is a valuable solution that can help manage all of these responsibilities efficiently. However, not all Construction Management Software are built equal. It’s important to look for the following key features to ensure your CMS can effectively help you get the job done.

1. Estimating + Proposal Tool

 This is a critical feature for any CMS. After all, every successful project starts with a successful bid or estimate.

Choose a CMS that allows you to put together an estimate quickly. By using pre-made templates, or giving you the option to easily create and save your own, bidding times can be cut into as a little as 10 minutes!

Keep in mind, project proposals and base budgets are one of the most important factors of any construction project. A CMS can help you provide accurate pricing estimates that will meet the needs of the owner, while ensuring your profitability and meeting your business’ capabilities and timeline.

2. Contracts — Owner(s) & Subcontractors

The complexity of construction projects makes it necessary for companies to leverage legally binding contracts. Normally — AIA or Consensus Docs lead the way here.

Regardless of the size of the project, various risks come into play. Make sure your CMS offers automated risk mitigation such as — contract creation, electronic delivery, storage, digital signatures and reporting. Having a contract in place with all project stakeholders will help the firm cover their asphalt from an operational risk perspective.

3. Budget management and accounting

Most CMS will come with basic budgeting and accounting features. However, more comprehensive platforms will offer more robust capabilities such as billing reports, efficient accounting tracking and documentation, automated project budget delivery, as well as automatic purchase order & expense updates.

These features can help businesses track and manage even the smallest details, which reduces the possibility of budget errors and issues. According to VersionOne, the percentage of organizations using spreadsheets to manage their projects dropped from 74% to 67% — implying that a steady number of companies are starting to recognize the value of apps and software designed to streamline this aspect of the project management. In addition, having everything on a single, centralized platform also gives people a higher level of transparency and accessibility that makes it easier for everyone to share important data.

4. Communication Management- RFIs, Schedules, Change Orders, Submittals

59% of US workers say communication is their team’s biggest obstacle to success. Consider this statistic in the context of your remote team members and on-site employees. Even with a dedicated project manager overseeing a particular job, it’s difficult to oversee a geographically disparate team round-the-clock.

However, a CMS equipped to provide tools that streamline schedules, communication, change orders, submittals, and RFIs, can ensure you are able to keep everyone in the loop with the latest project communications and documentation. Thus optimizing productivity on the job site.

5. Actionable insight from analytics

CMS should also be able to provide insight into how you can further improve your current processes. Reporting tools and analytics drawn from real-time data give you insight into how you can better manage teams and resources. It can also help increase productivity and team performance.

These 5 CMS features are important to help ensure the success of your construction project at every step. Before you purchase a CMS, consult with your provider and ask about these critical tools.

If you’d like to see how a Construction Management System can streamline your current operations, contact us today.

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